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Our Orinda Custom Home Builder Recommends These

Whether you’re building or remodeling a home, Wehrli Construction, a custom home builder in Orinda, recommends making sure these 15 things are on your list of priority home features.

Mud Room with a Wash Station
A mud room with a wash station will let you conveniently clean dirty dogs and shoes alike.

Outlets under the Cabinets
If you find that outlets on kitchen backsplashes unattractive, then you can avoid unsightliness by installing outlets under cabinets.

Sponge Storage
After the dishes are done, where are you supposed to put the sponge? A sponge drawer answers that question, which is why many Danville kitchen remodels embrace this feature.

Accessible Doors
Accessible doors create a path between your garage and your pantry, making for hassle-free grocery unloading.

Multiple Laundry Rooms
Having more than one laundry room can make doing laundry more convenient, as you won’t need to lug clothes up or down the stairs.

Power Outlets Outside
Many people regret not spending enough time outside. If you’re one of them, having many outdoor power outlets will make it easier to set up entertainment and hobby spots.

Outdoor Kitchen
If you like entertaining guests outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is a must-have.

Breakfast Nook
Breakfast nooks offer a relaxing space for coffee, reading, and, of course, breakfast. That’s why many Danville kitchen remodels include this addition.

Two Kitchen Islands
Having a pair of kitchen islands will greatly expand your kitchen’s working space.

Integrated Speakers
Speakers throughout your home will let you enjoy music, podcasts, or audiobooks no matter what room you’re in.

Extra Bathroom Outlets
You’ll want plenty of outlets in each bathroom. One option is to install them within cabinets.

Waste Chutes
Chutes for recyclables and trash can make placing both of those in their proper bins a breeze.

Accessibility Elements 
Ramps, first-floor bedrooms and bathrooms, and wide doorways are some easy-to-incorporate features that will boost your home’s accessibility for injured or disabled occupants.

Eco-Friendly Features
To make your home more eco-friendly, a smart thermostat is a good start. You can always talk to a pro for more ideas. For instance, a general contractor in Walnut Creek will know which eco-friendly investments make the most sense, given the area’s climate.

Extra-Large Cabinet
By springing for a large, integrated cabinet, you can consolidate items that would otherwise be spread among many smaller cabines.

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