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Orinda general contractors

Our General Contractors in Orinda fit Your Needs

An old expression states that “a man’s home is his castle.”  And sometimes it becomes desirable to update the castle. Maybe you need to add a bedroom or two. Perhaps you’ve become enthralled by the shows on HGTV and envision having the kitchen of your dreams. Maybe you’d like to knock out some walls to create an amazing open concept. Perhaps you are buying a home that needs some major updating and renovation work. In these cases, it is wise to call an expert general contractor in Orinda

Why it is Wise to Hire a General Contractor 

It is wise to hire a professional general contractor instead of trying to do a major project yourself. You can probably handle some small DIY projects or else hire a handyman to help you. But for major projects, it is smart to hire a general contractor because a general contractor will follow proper construction methods (and not cut corners), follow building codes, take the right safety precautions, and pull the correct permits. They will have the right equipment. They will get better prices on materials. And they will have the manpower to get the work done on schedule. A custom home contractor in Lafayette will deliver your project to your complete satisfaction. 

How to Find the Right Contractor for Your Home Project 

Use these tips to find the right contractor and custom home builder in Diablo for your project: 

  • Develop a detailed plan for the project. 
  • Make a short list of contractor candidates. Find out about their experiences and special abilities and how long they have been in business.  
  • Interview three (or more) candidates and ask for references. 
  • Verify their licenses and insurance. 
  • Discover how they handle permitting and safety procedures. 
  • Ensure that they offer a warranty for their services. 
  • Carefully review their proposed costs and their contract. 

Expert General Contractor in Orinda Serving the East Bay Area 

At Wehrli Construction, we’ve been making the Bay Area more beautiful, one home at a time on a wide range of projects for some of the area’s most discerning clients. We use specialists for every aspect of a job, and we take a project management approach to deliver the best results on time and on budget. Get started on your next dream project by contacting us here