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Is Someone Else’s Kitchen in Your House?

Your kitchen might be the most important room in your house. Simply put, it surpasses most other rooms for a wide range of considerations: rental value, resale value, buyer scrutiny, time spent, expression of your personal style, and of course impact on quality of life. After all, it’s where you prepare daily meals, and also where a lot of the family socializing happens.

The needs of different families vary widely, so kitchen sizes, styles and layouts vary a lot, too. There’s a good chance that the kitchen in your house is great for someone else’s needs, but not well suited to yours. That’s why a professional kitchen remodel can be so rewarding.

Start with the Triangle

Regardless of the size and style of your preferred kitchen, there are three basic kitchen functions to consider: storage, preparation and clean-up. These functions are so important, and so inter-related, that they’re generally referred to as “the triangle.”

Plan the triangle well, and you can have a successful, effective kitchen in any style. Plan this badly, and no matter how much you spend on appliances, fittings and cabinetry, you’ll have a frustrating kitchen experience. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your layout plan, work with a professional. After all, it’s way easier to move the stove on a blueprint than after it’s been installed.

Express Yourself

The really fun part comes after you kitchen layout is planned. You get to focus on the fittings, appliances, cabinetry and little extras that turn this important room into a dream kitchen for you and your family. Work with a professional, and get exactly what you want. The kitchen is just too important to do otherwise.

Look around the site to see what a dream kitchen looks like to some of our other clients. Then call us to discuss your specific needs.