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New Home Construction in Alamo Design Trends

Throughout 2023, new home-design trends are bound to take hold. The following 10 are examples of the trendy features custom home contractors in Diablo expect to be in high demand.

Striking Kitchen Colors

While many kitchens stick to conservative white and gray palettes, striking colors will likely gain steam. Two examples are green and blue, which can make cabinets in particular stand out.


Natural Stone

Natural stone is sophisticated yet full of character. In 2023, custom home builders in Alamo and renovators are set to spend lots of time installing natural quartzite and marble surfaces, including countertops and tile.


Natural Wood

Natural wood kitchen components, like oak cabinets, are becoming a popular choice. They can pair nicely with natural stone.


Texture Diversity

Stacking different textures together will surely be a goal for many homeowners in 2023. For instance, new home construction in Danville can be a chance to combine wood, stone, metal and other materials into one coherent yet variety-filled look.


Unique Islands

Overall, kitchen island designs are becoming more diverse. For instance, some homeowners are opting for seating arrangements that place people face-to-face rather than using the traditional side-by-side setup. That can make for a more intimate, conversation-generating atmosphere.


Striking Bathrooms

Like kitchens, most bathrooms have historically stuck to conservative colors. But bathrooms that play with details like strong color contrasts are set to become a more popular choice. One example is brass fixtures combined with dark wood cabinets and brightly colored walls.


More Connections with Outdoor Spaces

Many projects now prioritize outdoor spaces. For instance, a home might include expansive windows or a large sunroom. Going a step further, incorporating a patio with outlets and a cooking station is a way to let people gather outside easily.


Built-In Cabinets

Cabinets built into areas like living rooms and bedrooms are a very desirable feature. They add to a room’s polish while increasing storage space and decreasing clutter.


Curbless Showers

Curbless showers offer a sleek look, and their nonslip surfaces help keep occupants sure-footed. It’s no wonder they’ll be a staple of many new and renovated homes in 2023.


More Relaxing Bathrooms

Components that can make bathrooms more relaxing are another ever-more-popular choice. For instance, showerheads can include a massage feature, and calming colors promote a tranquil environment.

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