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The kitchen and bath industry is at the forefront of sustainable design trends, with the development of new “Green” products, streamlined organization, energy efficient LED Technology that keeps in mind today’s busy family lifestyle. The thoughtful refinements in design offer unique alternatives that meet increasing demands for products reflecting your personality and style.

Kitchen remodels are integrating dining rooms and sitting rooms. As a result, customized cabinets are looking more like fine furniture pieces. Counters and island work spaces are doubling as dining tables offering heat resistance, low maintenance requirements, and durability. Options range from elegant granite counter tops to unique pattern tiled creations. Another popular shift seen is in banquette seating offering those who opt to gather in the kitchen for more than just food.

Compact & efficient appliances such as horizontal dishwashers, French door wall ovens, two-tiered ranges, and power boil options on cook tops can ease the day-to-day cooking tasks. Under mounted sinks for a flushed finish are becoming more popular in kitchen trends with high arched faucets, featuring ergonomic handles and pull-out sprayers -ideal for quick clean ups.  Cooking appliances such as built in counter top grills, typically found only in restaurants are also making their way into Bay Area homes.

Energy efficient LED technology has sparked a new craze in accent or “layered” lighting with strategic placements options -various heights, under, in and/or above (!) cabinets combine to create a warm ambiance. Task lighting adds drama and function, while dim accent lighting softens and soothes a room. Each layer of lighting serves a different purpose, which can balance, enhance, and give flexibility to both kitchens and baths. Also available are illuminated backslashes/counter tops without any heat or UV emissions. Energy Glass backslashes are being lit from behind and glass counter tops are being lit from below in colored LED options- allowing your designs to truly shine.

In the bath, exotic waterfall faucets for the tub and sink are adding distinctive style in high-end bathrooms. Shower heads, some with multiple massaging body jets, thermostat controls, and unique off-set control placements are new directions promoting water conservation- up to 45%! (NAHB report based on household of five.)

Also promoting water conservation – toilets have become efficient flushing units with capabilities up to 20,000 gallons per year, and with self-cleaning, deodorizing features. And last, tank-less, on-demand water heaters are becoming popular due for their ability to use energy- well, on demand.

“Green” and recycled materials, specifically bamboo are fast on the rise. Bamboo grows much more quickly than hardwood and has similar advantages that the traditional woods like oak or maple offer. Most cabinets installed in the bath are created with cork board or filler-man-made materials that absorb moisture.  This promotes mold and mildew build up that the newer, natural materials take into account to offer a prolonged life-cycle.  Recycled materials-like glass are made into artisan tiles – used to create heated flooring in the bath.

The trends mirror the growing shift towards consumer based products and services. The new social media channels facilitate these communications and promise results for continued better living.