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custom home in Danville

Perks of New Home Construction in Danville

Find your dream home by choosing new home construction in Danville. Custom homes are no longer only for mansions or estates. Here are six reasons you should consider a custom home.  

Location Choices

When you build a home, you can choose the lot or location. If you want a particular view, you can design your home around the scenery you enjoy. You can choose to be in a secluded area or closer to your neighbors. It’s your choice.

Customized Options

Your home is move-in ready, designed to your style and personality. You get to choose every detail, from flooring to molding. You won’t have to renovate any room to meet your décor. Your custom home builder in Alamo completely follows your plan.


You make your custom home work for your family. Need a family office? Want an open floor plan? You can design your home to fit your needs instead of adjusting your needs to your home. Build in more storage space to your laundry room or design your kitchen for accessibility. It’s your choice.

Choose Your Preferences

Do you like to watch the sunrise instead of the sunset? Design your home with a big window that gives you the option. Want to showcase a grand piano or an art collection? Ask your customer builder about designs that focus on how you express yourself.

High Quality Materials

Orinda custom home builders work with trusted brands so you know that you’re getting a quality product. All contractors are curated to ensure quality work. The materials that go into your custom home will last, so you won’t be concerned about renovations when you move in. You will have warranty information to take care of your home.


Because you control what goes into your home, you have more control over the price. Custom homes can fit into your budget better than an existing home that might need extensive upgrades to make it your own. Don’t discount a custom home because you’re worried about fitting it into your financial picture.

Expert Custom Home Builders Serving the Bay Area

At Wehrli Construction, we’ve been making the Bay Area more beautiful, one home at a time on a wide range of projects for some of the area’s most discerning clients. We use specialists for every aspect of a job, and we take a project management approach to deliver the best results on time and on budget. Get started on your next project by contacting us here